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. Perez is accused of being responsible for the death and disappearance of hundreds of people during street protests in 1989, which was known as the "Caracazo." In February and Mar


ent to reform public and private education. The students would discuss and map out the protest route through the capital city of Santiago with Mayor Jose Peribonio. Two weeks ago, .


ontrolled by the other -- would force President Barack Obama to change his way of proceeding with his policy agenda for the rest of his presidency. CONSERVATIVE RESURGENCE Riding a.


to Google's official blog, the update will include three features: "personal results" which will enable users to find information just for them, such as Google+ photos and posts.


"We do have to get our own house in order -- our economic house, our political house. But at the same time we cannot abdicate leadership around the world, because when we do it d.

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remain missing. On Friday, Ubilla said that the government would not publish an estimate of those missing because they are far more likely to be inaccurate than confirmed deaths. T.

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rgest foreign holder of U.S. government debt, slightly reduced its holdings from 907.9 billion dollars in March to 906.9 billion dollars in April. Britain, the third largest holder.

s executive vice president before stepping down to run for state presidency. MEXICO CITY, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Paraguayans are going to the polls Sunday to elect their president fo.

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